Sepehr Technical Engineering Company of Sepahan project

Sepehar Project Sepahan Company was established and started operating in 2018 by several experts of the country’s automation and electrical industry, which has established a powerful and efficient presence in the country’s industry with high goals and a steady step. Using the knowledge and experience of many years, this company has been able to introduce and serve itself to the great and great industry of this border and environment with an expert and experienced staff and efficient tools.

Technical engineering establishment license


Import of special products

Recent events

The 15th International Exhibition of Metallurgy, Steel, Casting, Machinery and Related Industries in Isfahan (metalex) 1402
Sepahar Project Sepahan Company, as one of the leaders of the metallurgy industry in the country, is proud to be present at the 1402 International Metallurgy Exhibition at the permanent location of Isfahan International Exhibitions. This company presents its latest achievements, equipment and services in the fields of It displays industrial electricity and control, precision instruments and the production of switchboards with the required standards. We invite you to visit our company in this exhibition and get to know our products and services closely. We are waiting to meet you

ISO certificate

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificates indicate that an organization, product, or service operates in accordance with specific standards set by the ISO. These standards cover various areas including product quality, environmental management, occupational health and safety, information security, and quality management systems (such as ISO 9001). To obtain ISO certification, an organization must improve its processes and activities to align with the relevant standards and then undergo assessment by an independent certifying body. Obtaining ISO certification helps organizations demonstrate credibility and public trust to customers, competitors, and other stakeholders, and it also facilitates continual improvement processes.
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