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Sepehr Project Sepahan

Executor of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

& Steelmaking in the Country

Importer of Siemens Electrical Equipment,

Automation & Instrumentation

Sepehr Project Sepahan

Importer of ABB Drives and Electromotors

Sepehr Project Sepahan

Manufacturing and Design of PLC, MV, LV Panels

Sepehr Project Sepahan

Sepehr Sepahan Project Co.

Sepehr Project Sepahan Company was established in 2009 by some experts in the automation and electricity industry of the country and started its activities with high goals and a strong step in the field of industry of the country has brought together a powerful and efficient presence. The company has been able to introduce and serve itself to the great and high industry of this border and canvas by utilizing the knowledge and experience of many years with an expert and experienced staff and an efficient tool.

The main activity of this company is in the field of importing and distributing Siemens Industrial Automation equipment, Drivers, and Low-Pressure and manufacturing and assembly of industrial panels and training boards as well as leading in the field of optimizing BMS Energy Consumption.

Industrial Automation Equipment

  • Monitoring & Dispatching Posts

  • Construction of capacitive bank boards

  • Project Planning and Control

  • Executor of Oil, gas, petrochemical and steel industries projects in the country

  • Importer and distributor of Siemens industrial automation equipment in Iran

  • Making low, medium and high pressure panels

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Importer and distributor of industrial automation equipment, instrumentation and low pressure Siemens in Iran